A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Infertility Support Forum (Monday)

I always encourage people going through infertility to check out some of the infertility support forums out there. You just never know what you might find in them. Some of the discussions are moderated by medical professionals so you can get questions answered and fears allayed. But a lot of them are just wonderful kvetchfests.

We all know that infertility can torment you daily, monthly, annually, and sometimes....hourly.... and now and then we all need to talk, kvetch, vent, whine, point fingers of blame...

So instead of us sucking the life out of our spouses, relatives or poor strangers who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, these forums allow us to mutually suck the life out of each other.

They give us the unparalleled opportunity to catch each other seconds before we crumble into our own cold, dank, unfinished emotional basements.

Have you ever played the trust game? Where someone you may or may not know well stands behind you and you fall backwards, trusting that they'll catch you? That's largely what these support forums are like.  

And in them, you stumble upon some strange things:

Abbreviations. Lots and lots of abbreviations. Abbreviations for specialists and spouses, treatments and ailments. I've perused these sites for a year or so now... And I still don't know what any of the abbreviations mean.

People post in some sort of code. And moments later, others respond. So I'm apparently the only idiot who hasn't memorized the initials and has no idea what they're talking about. (Or the only fool who hasn't noticed there's a glossary at the bottom of the page.)

So everyone's chatting away and I'm googling my ass off: "What does DH mean?"

Sometimes I just think the abbreviations are subliminal messages planted in these forums by pharmaceutical companies. CWG! BM! (Clomid works great! Buy more!)

Some sites have odd rules they insist members follow or confusing pages where I (maybe only me) can't figure out how to post a message. Or I think I posted, but I'm not really sure  if it went through or not.

Some have moderators who, on the "Welcome!" page sound like they're pissed at everyone. 

Like they got booted out of mandatory anger management classes for being a threat to the other students and decided to show society by starting a chat room for infertile people.

If you haven't guessed it, those support forums will be the topic of conversation this week at Laughing IS Conceivable. And during the week, I'll mention some by name if anyone could use them. 

Listen, I gotta go. The State Fair's in a week and a half. I have to start dieting and exercising now,  before it starts, so by the time it's over, I'll have only a dozen or so pounds to lose to get back to where I am right now.        

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.