"And What ELSE We've Been Screwed On" (The Cure)

There's some research in Japan that suggests that a cure for male infertiity may be on the horizon. Can it be as simple as it sounds? Throw some chemicals into a blender and add some vitamins..Ta Da! Apparently it's been tried on male mice and it makes infertile mice, become daddy mice.

I hope this breakthrough really does pan out for human males. Not only would it solve the huge male infertility problem, it's a cure perfectly suited for men. (Sweeping stereotype alert!:)

If a bonafide, reputable doctor tells him:

"Here's that new pill you've been hearing about. Take it and before you know it, you'll start producing your own healthy sperm and your wife will be pregnant in no time."'

Most men would jump at that. (He'll jump even higher if it turns out to be a cure given not via pill but crotch injection. B'dum bum.)

Most men I know anyway, don't overthink....Not like women anyway.

A man would just be so thrilled that he no longer has to do anything embarrassing with a magazine in the "Lovers' Lane" room at the fertility clinic, nothing else would matter.

He'd probably say to his spouse:

"Great, I'm cured! How many kids do you want? I have a taste for Italian food tonight. Do you feel like pasta?"    


Hate to stereotype my own:

But the worst part of this cure would be...well... how do I say this?... Us. 

Have you found that most women tend to overanalyze everything just a tad? And I for one, would probably be way too neurotic to be quite as supportive as I should be.  

"So, okay, I know you really like Doctor Smith. I like him too. But what is this nonsense about mixing some chemicals and vitamins? How could that possible work? It makes no sense."

"What, he couldn't sleep last night and he saw this on an infomercial? Was like David Hasselhoff selling it? Talking about how he took this crazy mixture and his sperm ended up dancing with the stars?"

"Or was there a guy at the mall at a kiosk handing out samples?"

"How do we find out if Dr. Smith is a co-founder of this (quotation mark fingers engaged) "CURE"? Maybe he's just trying to make a name for himself or earn extra money..You know, like selling Avon."

"I wonder if this is the drug that my cousin's boyfriend's brother took? Not only did she NOT get pregnant but now they both have to take the bus everywhere...Oh wait that might have been my cousin's boyfriend's brother with the alternator problem not the fertilility problem. I get those two confused. They look a lot alike."   

So, great, the husband will have a cure for his fertility problem. Now all he needs is a sane woman to bear his children.