Are 1/2 Anniversaries 1/2 the Fun or Just Dumb?

So tomorrow marks my 12 1/2 year wedding anniversary. I know it's corny and stupid. Even my husband thinks so. So it's not like we're one of those adorably nauseating couples that are so fricken cutesy you can't stand to be around them. It's just me. I celebrate the day we met. I celebrate the day we got engaged. I celebrate our 1/2 anniversary. I celebrate our actual anniversary. You'd think I was an alcoholic just looking for any excuse to celebrate. We met on the 7th so every month on the 7th, I'd bring it up: "We've been together for four months today!"

Then when we got engaged on the 5th, I switched everything over to the 5th.

"We've been engaged two months today!"

Then, we got married on the 26th and that's where we stand. So tomorrow, as I'm sure my husband is fully aware, I'll turn to him in bed first thing in the morning and say:

"Good morning Honey, do you know what today is?" And he'll reply as lovingly as always:

"Oh geez, are you still doing that?"