Celebrity IVF-ers (Let Us Insiders In!)

So what were we talking about? Oh right. Infertility: Hollywood-style. I think a lot of people in this "infertility world" of ours get exasperated when celebrities don't 'fess up to their infertility. I'm on the side of those who feel they don't owe us anything. I just wish they'd maybe wink or something at us insiders. 

Can we have a code word among us or something? I mean I'm fine with celebs BSing everyone else in People magazine but they should let us know they're part of the club.

Like can't they answer an interview question like this?:

Interviewer: "You've been married for twelve years and this is your first pregnancy. Did you have trouble getting pregnant?"

Star: "No. We just wanted to make sure the timing was right. We were both having so much fun just concentrating on each other. We finally decided we were both in a good place to extend our love to a child." (Translation: Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and we finally decided to tell you more bullshit.)

Interviewer: "So, you didn't have any outside help getting pregnant?"

Star: "Not unless John Mayer music counts as outside help!" (Smiles slyly)

Okay, so at this point in the interview, I personally have already vomited twice. But I could recover and forgive the celeb if she could signal those of us in the know.

Interviewer:  "So, even though you're pregnant now with twins, I've heard you're still going to be making movies and doing a lot of personal appearances in the next several months. Is that true?"

Celeb: "Yes, I'm Venturing Far into my projects. I just want to make myself clear so please let me repeat it. I said: I'm Venturing Far into my projects." 

Interviewer: "Okay, I understand. I guess. I'm not sure why you had to say it twice but okay."

For decades Hollywood rule has been the 3 "H's". At all times your public persona must be that you are:

"Happy", "Healthy" and "Heterosexual".  And I guess "infertile" would mean you're sick, or not glamorous, or not perfect. 

We know how much we think our infertility is none of anybody's business and I really don't think celebrities should be any different.

I just wish they would give a little nod and a wink, like I said, to those of us in the club so:

A) We'll know we're not the only ones.

B) We don't keep thinking the rich and famous have a special fertility secret

C) We won't wait to have a baby until 50...Just because everyone in Hollywood is doing it.

Listen, I gotta go. The latest Hollywood magazine has just arrived on the newsstand. I can't wait to read more of that great BS.