Celebrity IVF-ers (I'm a Celebovarian--Are You?)

Celebrities are perfect. They don't have massive zit attacks or the runs and never...ever...ever... infertility. I know what I'm talking about. I read both People and US magazines.

So, I'm not a Foodie or a Fashionista. My husband's nine days older than I am, so I guess I'm not a cougar. But I'm sure I've got to be one of those ridiculous terms: I guess I'm a Celebovarian: I'm an expert on celebrities and their so-called reproductive systems.

US has a great department: "Stars: They're just like US!"

Wow, they bag their own groceries! Walk their own dogs! Tie their own shoes! Just like US!

They get pregnant at fifty! They use their own eggs! Just like US!  

Methinks the boobs, noses, butts, marriages, and rehab facilities  aren't all that's fake in Hollywood.

Of course if they use a surrogate (though I would NEVER imply they do) I'm sure they all use whoever's fashionable right now. The surrogate-of-the-moment.

Like nannies. Plastic surgeons. Interior Decorators. It's all word of mouth. I'm thinking the same woman has rented out her uterus for all of Hollywood.

She's like a celebrity chef. She's the "Surrogate to the Stars".

So, that's what we'll be discussing this week. All of the questionable Hollywood births from women who are sixty to women who didn't have a baby for twelve years and then all of a sudden...Surprise! Guess what? It's twins!... Or...Nobody's ever seen her or photographed her pregnant and Surprise! A New Baby! Hollywood magic: Where did this child come from?...A woman in Missouri or Ohio or Maine no doubt.

Listen, I gotta go. I took off from blogging the past week and a half and the shock of getting back into it has been just too much for me. 

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.