Did they Really Mean: "Start Asking"?

Microblog_MondaysA little while ago, for National Infertility Awareness Week, infertility bloggers were asked to write a post. This year's theme: "Start Asking". So all of us who write and post about infertility got to work and wracked our collective brains to come up with our own unique takes on the topic: "Start Asking". Now that a few weeks have gone by and I've had time to let that really settle in, I'm starting to wonder: Was that theme a misprint? No, I'm serious. Hear me out. I mean, Resolve (http://resolve.org) the excellent national infertility association, probably knows infertile people better than anyone. And yet... they... were... asking... us... to... ask... more questions? I'm sure in their time, they've seen a few posts on infertility support groups... heard directly from a few fertility patients... spoken to some medical professionals who deal with fertility patients every day... and yet... they still wanted us to ask... more questions? I don't get it. Were they implying that in the course of our average, run of the mill, daily repartee we aren't posing enough questions?: "Why aren't I pregnant yet? When will I get pregnant? Will I ever get pregnant? Am I too old to get pregnant? Are my ovaries okay? Are my tubes okay? Are my hormones okay? Is my husband okay? He doesn't look okay. Do I have enough eggs? Are my eggs okay? Should I stop eating eggs or eat more of them? The white part and the yellow part? Does it matter which part I eat first? Should I go to a specialist? What kind of a specialist? A fertility specialist or an infertility specialist? Can you recommend one? How are her success rates? I'm only 5'1". How are her success rates with short women? Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? Should I try acupuncture? I'm afraid of needles. Should I try IVF instead? Should I try fertility yoga? I'm afraid of yoga. Should I try yogurt instead? Do I eat it or insert it? Should it be low fat or high fat? Should I try herbs? Do you pronounce the 'h' in 'herbs'? I've been drinking a lot of water and now I have to go to the bathroom. Has this ever happened to anyone? Does anyone know if this is normal? My mother-in-law wants a grandchild ASAP. Should I tell her to F off? Will my insurance cover anything? Will it cover anything if I cross the border and have treatments in St. Louis? How about Peru? Should I fly or take a boat?"

I'm not kidding. Obviously, the theme was a misprint. And by the time someone realized it, we'd all written our posts and it was too late. Oh, I hope nobody at Resolve lost their job for the blunder. Clearly what they meant to say was not:

"Start Asking".

What they meant to say was a theme heavily supported by our partners, coworkers, family, friends, medical professionals and, truth be told, the remaining sane part of our own subconscious minds: 'Stop Asking... Please... Just Stop Asking!!'"