Don't Let Depression Get You Down (Monday)

So this week we're going to discuss depression....Way to go Lori! That's the way to clear the comedy club... "By show of many of you are in a deep funk?" Yeah, yeah, you're in the right place. It's still a humor blog. In fact, the more devastating the situation the more you're forced into finding a way to chuckle at it. That's why infertility is a non-stop laugh riot.  Blame this whole idea on Tracy Birkinbine. She's a counselor friend of mine in the St. Louis area. She decided to write an article about "Blue Monday". Okay, so first I'm thinking this was going to be a tribute article to Elvis. I wasn't sure if the whole mental health thing had finally gotten to her and she lost it or what, but hey, I've been writing this blog five days a week every week for like nine months now, and I ran out of things to write about around July. So I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to tie Elvis to infertility, but I was game. 

Truthfully, I'm not really sure where I got the Elvis thought altogether. I'm thinking that I thought "Blue Monday" was one of his songs. I'm not sure if I was thinking about "Blue Hawaii" or 'Blue Moon" or "Blue Christmas" or "Blue Suede Shoes" or "Beach Boy Blues" or "Blue River" or "Blue Moon Over Kentucky".

Apparently Elvis had more blue in his life than Papa Smurf, Blues Clues, and Picasso combined. In fact, it seems the only blue thing he never sang about was a Monday. (You'd think somewhere along the line he'd go to record a song with "blue" in the title and the colonel or somebody would have said: "It feels to me like you've used that one before. Do you maybe want to pick another color on this one?") 

So, then I abandoned that whole Elvis notion (I bet you wish I'd abandoned it a hundred or so words ago) and thought: "Blue Monday". Maybe that's like a Macy's Red Tag Sale. Like Black Friday when all the lunatics get out of their warm cozy beds at 3 AM with a stomach still full with half of an undigested turkey dinner to stand on a 10 degree cement sidewalk in front of Best Buy for absolutely no good reason.

Finally I had it with myself and I had it out with me:  "Stop wasting my time! Why don't you just read Tracy's article and see what it's about? Why must everything be a game show with you?"

I know good advice when I hear it. So I did. Tracy's articles are always good. She has a unique point of view teetering on the fence between mental health professional who specializes in infertility and former infertility sufferer who probably slipped once or twice into temporary insanity with the rest of us in that slimy, bottomless mishmash pit.

So, this week's article is about "Blue Monday" which is the name given to today, by a British psychologist a few years ago.  Tracy will explain why this doctor considered this to be the most depressing day of the year.  Since I have no degree in mental anything or health anything, I'll be discussing the lighter side of depression all this week with my own hopefully witty brand of Paxil.  I'll be aiming for generic humor. I couldn't justify anything that would cost my readers more than two dollars per post.

Listen I gotta go. I hear our area is bracing for another big snowstorm. Where I live they don't wait for the actual snow. They start closing and canceling things based on rumor, innuendo, and local hallucinations.

Check out Tracy's article about today:

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.