Finding Strength in Infertility (3rd Post & Still Hard to Believe)

So, if you've been following along on my little therapy journey this week, you know what's going on here. (Even if I don't.) And of course, when I say "therapy journey" clearly I'm talking about words from a professional therapist, not the long, hilly, therapy journey I obviously should be backpacking through. In fact, there's probably not a therapy that's been born, that I couldn't use: Psychotherapy, physical therapy, aromatherapy... Of course as lazy as I am, I'd probably opt only for the last one, then decide to just buy a Glade plug-in and call it a day. Anyhoo.. All this week, I've been posting excerpts from Helen Adrienne's book: On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility.

It's just like my ebook except that hers is based on decades of education and experience and mine is whatever words I could jot down with one hand in a bag of Doritos and using my notebook as a coaster for my Cherry Coke. (Check out my ebook ($3.99) by clicking the book cover to the right. Sorry about the orange stains on the pages.)

Helen is a licensed social worker and therapist. Her complete resume can be found in the Health Experts department here.

So please read the first two posts from the beginning of the week if you'd like to catch up. A quick, insufficient, summation: Helen was explaining how painful situations you go through, such as infertility, can force you to stop and find out things about yourself, like strengths and resiliency that you never knew you had in you...If you're willing to let them be revealed.

We are now joining your regularly scheduled book excerpt, already in progress.

From Chapter 10- Gain From the Pain

Ellen's Gains

Ellen, a photo editor, called me when I had already written seven chapters of this book. "Was it too late to participate?" she asked. I gladly set up an appointment to speak with her.

When I opened the door, I noticed immediately how well she looked. Her facial features were soft and relaxed. Her twin son and daughter were 14 months old and she was back to her very challenging job. Yet she looked younger than her 42 years and younger than she had looked when she was in the midst of the infertility crisis.

Ellen told me that she had a breakthrough moment recently which made her say to herself, "Oh my God, I want to contact Helen and be a part of her book. All of a sudden, I realized that I am using all of these things that I learned. I've grown from this experience.

I realized the incredible joy that has resulted from our pursuit of this goal. It is a miracle. Miracles are possible if you really set your sights on them. I am joyous every minute that I'm with the babies and never forget that feeling when I am away from them." No wonder she looked so good.

This breakthrough came at a point in time when Ellen had been feeling stressed and tired from her two full time jobs - work and motherhood. She felt jubilant to realize that not only did being a mommy bring her to a place where joy, all kinds of joy, were central to her life, but she now was realizing that she had the tools to apply to this next challenging phase of her life when the combination of parenthood and professionalism intensified demands on her. When she realized that the self-awareness tools she had learned and used to get through the infertility crisis were the tools she could recruit now to deal with her new life stressors, she called me immediately because she wanted you, the reader, to know it.

That's today's excerpt. Hope you enjoyed it and find the information useful. There's one more snippet from the chapter to go which will be posted tomorrow to wind up our week before I get the annual pleasure of going outside and watching my neighbor light his homemade fireworks and come within inches of blowing off his arm into the cul-de-sac.