For Surviving the Holidays: It's Give Yourself a Cookie Day

So how'd your holidays go? Guess what? No matter how they went, you survived. They're over. If you cried. If you hid under the table. If you never got out of bed. If you blew off the festivities because you were too depressed. Below is a post that I had originally written for Mother's Day. It applies here too I think:

"Give Yourself a Cookie"

Enough I say! Today has been declared another holiday for all of us who survived the past month of holidays. I proclaim today to be:

"Give Yourself a Cookie Day!"

For those who sat through your mother-in-law telling you how proud she is of all of her grandchildren (even the imbeciles among them) and wishes she had more... Give yourself a cookie.

For those who spent time at a family gathering watching their nieces and nephews run around as you secretly hoped they would throw up on one of their parents just to bring a little joy into your day... Give yourself a cookie.

For those who bit the bullet while their mother cornered them in the kitchen and said: "You know the only thing that would make this day better, would be if you were finally going to make me a grandma"... Give yourself a cookie.

For those who endured cousins showing pictures of their kids on their smartphone, while the damn kids were right in front of you... Give yourself a cookie.

For those who listened to their siblings complain to each other about how hard it is being a parent and how tired they always are, and how they never have enough time for themselves... And if you only knew how lucky you were...Give yourself a cookie.

For those who went out with the extended family to some family-style BS restaurant and had to stand there while everyone counted six times how many high chairs and how many booster seats they needed... Give yourself a cookie.

For those who just couldn't deal with the holidays at all and stayed home and bitched to your husband... Give yourself a cookie. (Even if you already gave yourself a couple of truck loads in the past month.)

And for those who got so fed up with the whole stupidity of the holidays and told even one family member with unsolicited advice, or a thoughtless remark to "Screw-Off"... Give yourself a whole box of cookies. (Preferably ones with smily faces looking up at you)

And for those of you who did nothing, avoided everyone, went nowhere, turned off the lights and pulled the blankets over your head...You survived the holidays...and that's plenty... "Give yourself a cookie"