Go Ahead Sofia Vergara, Use a Surrogate for No Apparent Reason: Part 1

(Take a look if you like at my ebook & reviews to the right. More Reviews from Fertility Experts & Infertile Folk + Chapter Previews can be found @www.amazon.com/dp/B007G9X19A) Okay, that tears it. I've been writing (and maybe obsessing) for the past several weeks about how infertility in Hollywood bears absolutely no resemblance to the infertility the rest of us have come to know and retch at. Last week, I wrote about Halle Berry getting pregnant as she sees her number of fertile days getting smaller and smaller in her rear view mirror while her 47th birthday is the object which is definitely a lot closer than it appears. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, she got pregnant completely naturally... (Am I the only one whose right eye just winked involuntarily?) This week there's yet something else in the Hollywood news....This time it's Sofia Vergara using a surrogate not for the mundane reasons the rest of us seek one -because we can't get or stay pregnant-, but because she doesn't want to lose her hot bod. I know this may sound paranoid but: Are these celebs doing these insane, selfish things just to fk with me?

The scoop is: Sofia Vergara desperately wants to have a baby with her fiance but desperately doesn't want to be pregnant. So she's having a friend carry the baby for her. I guess some people have friends like that. I, myself, can't get anyone to come into work an hour early so I can go for my annual mammogram but what can I tell you?

At age 40, Sofia has opted out of allowing a person to grow inside of her, so as not to wreck her sexy contours and thus possibly cutting her career short. Since you don't get fat from the egg retrieval, she did apparently suck it up and go ahead with that. (If you've ever had an egg retrieval, you may see "suck it up" as an unfortunate choice of words.) She said in a magazine that she was eating well in anticipation of the egg retrieval. What's that got do with anything? I don't remember being told to eat well. In fact, I remember going through a drive-thru the night before and thinking: "Yes! Maybe all the grease will make those eggs just slide right out!"

As in the Halle Berry ordeal, I believe Sofia Vergara owes us nothing. She has the right, in my mind, to do whatever her conscience and the law allow. Who knows if this whole story is even true? Maybe Sofia Vergara does have fertility issues and she needs a surrogate. It's possible... She's 40. She hasn't had a baby in 21 years. Maybe her uterus was taken out in the '90's and has been in a museum in Colombia ever since. Maybe this whole "protecting my curves" is just a better PR story.

(Oh, we're far from done here. Keep on the lookout for next week's Part 2 of "Go Ahead, Sofia Vergara, Use a Surrogate for No Apparent Reason" And, in the meantime, remember to get my ebook..Wow, I bet you didn't see that coming. Neither did I frankly. www.amazon.com/dp/B007G9X19A)

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