Happy First National Anniverary Blog Awareness Week (Monday)

This is a very special week to me. And obviously the best way to kick-off the celebration would be with a nifty title that makes no sense at all. I might add the word "table" in there at some point. I haven't decided yet.  Tomorrow, April 26th has a particularly special meaning to me and most of it has to do with you.

It will mark the one year anniversary of this blog. Not coincidentally, this anniversary falls smack dab in the middle of National Infertility Awareness Week.

I often admit that I'm probably the most oblivious writer you'll ever meet. You always hear writers say that they write by observing life. Luckily I have a decent imagination because most of life sneaks completely past me unnoticed.

I'm always the last to realize anything. At work, I'm known as the "Oh she is?" girl.

"Stacy's sleeping with the guy in the mailroom and she doesn't care that everybody knows it." 

"Oh, she is?"

"Lisa's in a lesbian relationship with her boss and she doesn't care that everybody knows it."

"Oh she is?"

"Debra's in the ladies' room every morning snorting a combination of cocaine and coffee and she doesn't care that everybody knows it."

"Oh she is?"

There have been people (notice that I'm implying "more than one person") who have quit the job, some in a huge huff, some under all kinds of suspicion and scandal... and I didn't realize they were gone for like two months.

Obviously I would be useless during a murder investigation. The case would be stone cold before I even realized that I hadn't just seen the victim yesterday.

And yet, even I had enough presence of mind last year to know that I was launching my blog, "Laughing IS Conceivable" mid-"National Infertility Awareness Week".

I picked the 26th specifically to launch it because I was married on the 26th...although not in April. I'm one of those ridiculous people who says to my spouse each and every month:

"Good morning my love. Do you know what today's date is?" To which he consistently replies:

"Oh Gd. It must be the 26th again. Would you get over it already?"

So this week to commemorate both occasions: "National Infertility Awareness Week" and "Happy One Year Anniversary Laughing IS Conceivable", I will be doing a blend of things: Re-posting a few favorite posts from the past year with commentary about each one: Why I wrote it. Why it turned out to be a stupid idea etc.

And I will be writing some new posts also. RESOLVE, the great organization responsible for "National Infertility Awareness Week" is encouraging all infertile bloggers (boy that sounds like a pretty crowd) to write posts this week intended to "Bust A Myth" about infertility.  So I'll give that a go here also.    

And I hope you enjoy my snappy title:

"Happy First National Anniversary Blog Awareness Week".

It's everything you want in a title: Cumbersome and impossible to remember.

And you're right. It does sound like it was created by a banker minutes before he returned from lunch with a machine gun to kill all of his bosses who have done him wrong.

Listen, I gotta go. I have strep throat and there's this old boss of mine I'd like to hunt down and apologize to with a long, soulful smooch.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.