I Know I Shouldn't Say This But...

There are plenty of things we're dying to say to people that we don't say for a variety of reasons. To friends, it's usually because we don't want to hurt their feelings, we don't have the guts to say it, or a combination of both. 

And if we are bold enough to finally get the words out, we usually start with this disclaimer in case the whole thing blows up in our faces...like, somehow it makes a difference: 

"I know I shouldn't say this...but...(now you've asked for it)

...that hair style you've picked for yourself...Not a winner."

...why would you name your kid "Urina"? Are you on drugs? Were you being tested at your job and that's where the name came about?"    

...how could you marry that guy? I wouldn't go out for pizza with him, let alone touch his naked body...Ewwww. Great, now I'll have nightmares for a week."  

Our business life is different. You'd have the guts to tell off your manager. You don't care about her feelings. You'd just rather not be homeless so you avoid telling her: 

"I know I shouldn't say this but... 

...I think you're an imbecile. No, I'm not being nasty, I really think you're an imbecile. You don't happen to know your IQ by chance?  I'd wager it's between 26 and 50." 

There are lots of reasons why infertile people don't say what's REALLY on their minds.

We have enough stress in our lives. We don't want to start arguments. We don't want to hurt feelings. We don't want to be (retch-warning) politically incorrect (yeah, obviously I worry about that one a lot)...

So many of us refrain from pointing to strangers and yelling:

"I know I shouldn't say this...but...

...It's so unfair... A lot of you who have children have no right to have them! Like:

"You walking across the parking lot on your cell phone not even looking at the child twenty feet behind you." 

"You with three kids under three... with three baby daddies"

"You with the little drug addiction issue"

"You who hang out in the clubs all night and leave your baby wherever."

"You, my sister, who curses out her kids all day."

"You, my cousin, who just keeps screwing up on her birth control."

"You, my neighbor, who chain smokes over the infant carrier."

Yeah, one day, I called up my cousin and sister and bawled them out personally.  They understood my frustations.

It didn't go quite as well when I stood outside a Wal-Mart and took care of the rest of the list.