I'm A Double Threat: Infertile AND Uninsurable (Monday)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a wonderful article by an insurance agent named Kevin Haney. I should say that I posted a wonderful half of an article. After I posted that part, Kevin had the audacity to run off. He claims he ran off to get married. Whatever.  So anyway, I decided to not print the rest of the article and threw it back in his face, miffed that he chose his fiancee over my blog... Well, that's how Star magazine reported it anyway. What really happened is: Kevin did get married a week or so ago. That part is true. But I'm pretty sure he didn't do it just to spite my blog. In fact, his nuptials had nothing to do with me only printing half of this fantastic article.  There was so much great information about infertility and taxes, and infertility and insurance, and infertility and everything else financial... I thought I'd let everyone digest the first half for a week and return this week and post the rest. 

Some of us have never dealt with these topics before and are understandably a little, shall we say, turned off, if not totally freaked out by them. In my house growing up, like car troubles and weekly allowance... insurance was my father's domain.

My mother was in charge of meals, boyfriend problems, wardrobe problems, extracurricular activities problems, school problems,  college application problems, fight with the best friend problems,  and sibling problems.

My father was in charge of the car and the cash.

Sexist, yes. Old fashioned, yes. But it was the '70's-'80's and there it was.  

So in case any of you have had similar familial experiences, I didn't want to overwhelm everyone and send all of you running, crying to your father: "Daddy she's talking about investments and insurance. What does it all mean? Please make it stop!"

So this week, we're going to chat about the stuff that Kevin is discussing in his article. I'm not going to explain what he's saying. Who the hell am I, the UN? He does a great job of laying it out there in plain English.

(Geez I keep praising this guy over and over. There are only two reasons anyone  kisses up like that: 1) They're being paid handsomely to do so or  2) They want to touch the person in an inappropriate manner. Well, I'm the third category: An idiot who's just really excited about the article and the valuable information it provides.)

As for my part in all this: What I will attempt to do this week is to get into some of the crazy rules, regulations and red tape that Kevin so eloquently brings to light.  Geez, I complimented him again. Maybe we were related in a previous life... I must have had decent relatives in one of my lives. 

Listen I gotta go. My biweekly direct-deposit disappointment just went into my account and I have to start making the round of sincere phone calls to my adoring creditors.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow. Check out Kevin Haney's article under "Non-Health Experts" at:  http://laughingisconceivable.com/?page_id=1623