"Infertile, Bitter, & Proud" (Friday)

So all this week, we've been discussing/ripping apart other women. How low. And yet how very tasty. I don't do it often. But post-Mother's Day, when so many of us are still reeling from the pains of the holiday, lashing out seems the natural thing to do. So, do I believe in a sisterhood among all women? We stand together as one through all? I'm not sure. I definitely believe in the sisterhood of the infertile. (And if you'd like to hear more about Laughing IS Conceivable, please do subscribe.)

Today is "Fertility Authority Friday".  A few Fridays a month, I finish up the week of blogging over there at the Fertility Authority site. So please head over and help us wind-up the week of discussing/chatting/ripping to pieces women we know who may reproduce easily, but may not be best equipped to raise children. 

So in tribute to that wonderful holiday we call Mother's Day remember:  Payback's a Bitch.... Speaking of Which....    


I'll talk with ya again on Monday.