Infertile, Bitter, & Proud (Monday)

Yes, you read it right: I've started a new law firm: "Infertile, Bitter & Proud." Okay, it's not a new law firm. In reality (well, my reality anyway) it's a reaction I've had to Mother's Day from which I haven't yet fully recovered.

Call it an allergic reaction if you'd like. I have this terrible habit. I was confessing to my wonderful subscribers (feel free to become one--we'd love to have ya) about how I slap a title at the top of my blog each week.

People then read the blog throughout the week and for some peculiar reason they actually expect that the posts are going to have something remotely to do with the title.

Sometimes circa Tuesday, I skip off onto a tangent and head down that path instead. And that's what happened last week.

I came up with the title: "I've Met ALL SORTS of Mothers in My Life", and I think the posts were pretty decent last week.

But I didn't really fulfill the promise of dogging all of the women out there whom I've found so despicable or just annoying that I question whether they should actually be reproducing or, just to be a little more judgmental... posed the question:

"Who would actually choose, voluntarily, to, you know... Sleep with them in the first place?"  

I hope I don't end up being excessively mean this week. Because:

1) "Mean", like gray or silver, doesn't look good on me at all (does it look good on anyone?) and

2) "Mean" tends not to be humorous because it's too busy being mean.  

My goal this week is to let all of you who are suffering from PTMD--"Post Traumatic Mother's Day" syndrome that you're not weird or selfish or strange or...alone.

And while I like us all to keep as positive as possible...This week and maybe this week only... we'll all band together to do a little good old fashioned catty bitchin' and ventin'. Just remember: We are "Infertile, Bitter, & Proud."

So, this week, let's put it on a banner and march!

Listen, I gotta go. My sister's coming to visit on Wednesday and I have to find a cheap motel where one of us can stay. I don't really care which one. 

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.