Infertiles on the Island of Misfits

So my last post was all about Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. Since then, there have already been the Charlie Brown Christmas special and a smattering of lesser known ones like: "What's that Rash, Charlie Brown?!"  

Every year at this time, I must see my required programming. All of the Peanuts specials of course, "It's a Wonderful Life", all twenty-six versions of "A Christmas Carol" (even though all I have to hear is "Jacob Marley was dead dead as a doornail" and I'm freaked out for the rest of the show... Even in the Flintstones version.)   

And I admit, I probably shouldn't watch Rudolph. I haven't lived in NYC for 4 1/2 years now but it's still in my heart and soul and other internal organs. When they won't let Rudolph play in any reindeer games, I want to pull every last reindeer out of the TV and, well, fk him up. There's the holiday spirit for you. 

So tell the truth: Has having infertility made you feel like YOU belong on the Island of Misfit Toys?

This whole infertility stupidity can make us feel like those unwanted toys on the island in the Rudolph cartoon. We don't have a baby. Right now, at this very moment anyhow, we can't have a baby. So sometimes, we feel a little cast off by society. 

Like those toys, we're still very lovable, it's just that we don't do what the world (and maybe ourselves) expects us to do.

On the show, the train has square wheels, the Jack-in-the-Box is named Charlie....And in life, many of us are married for a long time and have no kids.  

And maybe I'm just a misfit more than most, or prouder of it than most, but every year I watch Rudolph and I don't get what's really wrong with those toys.

So the elephant is pink and has polka dots? Please, that elephant should see my nose. I can open beer bottles with it.

And what's wrong with the doll except that she has messy hair? I kind of admire that. Why is she on that island and the Chucky doll, who's a mass murderer is still allowed to roam free? What's wrong with this world?

I mean it's not like the doll vomits on you or the elephant soils your couch....or the other way around.  

Or "Maim in a Box": Jack in the Box that jumps up, exposes his wire and takes out your cornea. 

What is this concept about misfit toys anyway? Every year when I was a kid, my sister and I would get something for Hannukah that was not quite right. Somehow it just always worked out that way for us. It was just part of the tradition. We thought Jews everywhere gathered with their families to open toys with missing parts or puzzles with missing pieces.

Every Hanukkah of my young life, the festivities would wind down by the warm glow of the menorah with my sister and me looking for the missing puzzle piece from our new puzzle. It was a sealed box, but there was always a piece missing. 

My mother, watching us turn the empty box cover over and over and combing through the shag carpet would comment:  "You lost a piece already? That was quick."

And my father would spend the next six hours sitting on the floor next to us trying to assemble some toy that was advertised as: "So simple, a child can do it."  And there he was: "Cursing all the waaaay....ha ha ha ha ha...Bells on bobtails ring... "

Island of Misfits? I'm a proud native. How about you?