Infertility Alternatives to Last Week's Infertility Alternatives (Monday)

Okay, so last week we discussed possible alternatives to your basic, standard, mainstream, IUI- IVF path to combat infertility.   Massage therapies, herbal therapies, and sperm boosters that all but guarantee to squeeze, cleanse, and macho the infertility right out you.

They may be alternatives and truly have something of value to us to sell. Or they may be scam artists with nothing going for them but a shiny website.

The alternatives we'll be discussing this week are bonafide professionals. They're people with real schooling and real licenses. So you may see them as legitimate alternatives to the usual roads those fighting infertility take. Or you may see them as scam artists with a shiny shingle to go along with their shiny websites.

Some of the areas I'll be mocking, (that wasn't very journalistic was it?) I meant to say some of the areas I'll be exploring are: 

A) Chiropractics: Solve my fertility issues? I'm not sure. I just have a sneaking suspicion that I'll be marking my calendar: Two big events coincidentally happened on the same day:

1) In the morning, my insurance company informed the chiropractor that they were pulling the plug on anymore visits. 

2) In the afternoon, my chiropractor informed me that whatever was blocking me getting pregnant has been fixed.

 B) Acupuncture: Could it help my fertility issues? I've done IUI and In Vitro. What's another dozen or so needles in my body? For Halloween I'm going to just dress normally and go as a voodoo doll.   

C) Yoga: Could it help my fertility issues? I don't know. Yoga's come along way. When I was in college, the only girls who did yoga, spent the rest of their time not shaving, eating granola and sleeping naked on the floor.

They're probably all somewhere running software companies now.

Listen I gotta go. I'd better call my chiropractor and tell him that I didn't mean him, before he threatens to put my neck back where he found it. 

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.