Infertility News. Story at 11 (Monday)

"IVF Kids Score Higher on Tests Than Non-IVF Kids"; "Two Men in UK charged with Providing Donated Sperm Without A License"

 "Why Older Women Have A Harder Time Having Healthy Babies".

There's so much going on in the Infertility News that occasionally I like to take a week to discuss it all and mock the majority of it.   

And to be honest (not that if you've read my blogs before you'd ever take me for a "Sugar-Coater" or "Beater Around the Proverbial Bush"), sometimes I need the headlines for inspiration because I'm totally at a loss for words.

I mean, having absolutely nothing to say has never stopped me from talking, or writing, or giving my opinion, or taking a stand, or bawling someone out, or objecting at a wedding, or butting into someone else's discussion, or mumbling at a poetry reading, or commenting on a stranger's phone conversation, or interrupting a eulogy or anything...

If anyone ever tossed one of those profound old sayings my way: "The fool speaks; the wise man listens." I'd probably respond with: "Okay, so anyway... what was I saying?..Now you made me lose my train of thought."

So, yeah, sometimes writing a blog 5 times a week can be hard...never tedious mind you... I love every second of it to death...but hard...

One may inquire: "Who told you to do it that often you moron?"

And then, if that 5 days a week business wasn't enough, you people expect me to be funny...

One may inquire: "Well what jerk sets themselves up for that expectation by putting the word 'laughing' in the title of their blog?"

Those headlines at the very top of this post are true current headlines. So, yeah maybe my creative juices need a little juicing up once in a while...Or maybe this is the week that the headlines were too good to pass up.

Sometimes you write humor. Sometimes a brilliant scientist, an unwitting public, or a talented journalist does it for you.

Listen I gotta go. I taped the Sunday afternoon football games. If I don't watch them all now, the Sunday night game will be upon me, then Monday Night Football will be here. Then I think there's a Thursday night game. Then if I might decide to watch the college games on Saturday. Then it will be Sunday again. I'll be backed up until Halloween. 

If you get the chance: This week's featured "Health Expert" article is: "Infertility Feelings and Emotions: Differences Between  Men and Women"  by Counselor Tracy Birkinbine

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.