Infertility Nurses: What WERE They Thinking? (Friday)

So, what were we talking about? Oh right. Why in the world anyone would voluntarily choose, of their own free will...No gun to their head, no knife to their throat, no court-ordered community service, no peer pressure-induced dare, no "lost at a drinking game", no stalked by a Reproductive Endocrinologist until you finally agreed to work for him... to become an infertility nurse.   Not everybody is cut out to be an infertility nurse, you know. And I proudly put my name at the top of the list of those totally ill-equipped to be one. I fail to meet the necessary criteria in the three following crucial categories: 

1) Compassion: You complain, I tune out.

2) Patience: Don't have any. Don't aspire to have any.

"Could you not move your arm?!  I'd really like to get this overwith! The sight of blood makes me faint...I could swear I told you not to move your arm!... Quick somebody throw a pillow on the floor.

3) Nursing degree: No gots.

So now you know that I couldn't possibly be one of these wonderful infertility nurses we not only see on a daily basis... but who put up with us on a daily basis. 

Today's "Fertility Authority Friday". So, please head over there and read all about exactly how ugly it would get if I actually became an infertility nurse in my brand new post:  "The Worst Infertility Nurse Possible". I could set reproductive medicine back 100 years.

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Have a great long weekend. I'll talk with ya again on Tuesday!