Infertility Nurses: What WERE They Thinking? (Monday)

Fertility Authority's website has this great monthly tribute to infertility nurses where they honor a much-deserving infertility nurse for their service and dedication to the sport (I think I meant "field".) Personally, I don't care if you're the worst, nastiest, most unqualified, faked-a-nursing-certificate, graduated from nowhere nurse: If you've voluntarily sentenced yourself to dealing with a bunch of pissed off, stressed out, hormone raging,  financially and emotionally bankrupt women...You deserve an award.

There are, at last count, 208 professions I would not like to have. The sad thing is, at last count, I've had 167 of them.

Some I'd prefer not to choose because they just, simply put, seem really boring to me. I've never grown up and I'm actually quite proud of that whether or not I should be.

So any place that, when I was 8, I whined to my mother: "This is sooooo boring. Can we go now?" still evokes the same emotion several decades later. And I still whine aloud...only to my husband instead of my mother. (I've at least matured enough to not still live with my mother. Bully for me.) 

Among the members of this exclusive list of places I'd like to never work: Floor covering stores, furniture stores, clothing stores, super stores, and car dealerships.

Then there are the jobs where I just skeeve... like anywhere where the job description is:

 "Sell anything to anyone or you don't get paid."  So I guess "car dealerships" has the dubious distinction of fitting into two of my categories.

The last category of professions I couldn't handle (okay, for brevity sake let's say it's the last category. There are probably a thousand others) is the one that "infertility nurse" and restaurant "wait staff" would fall under:   

The "Would rather not deal with pains in the ass" category.

As for "wait staff"--I'm too high class to spit in the food of an obnoxious customer, but I'm not, however, beyond foregoing a tip in exchange for the privilege of telling them to fk off.

Now, I understand that infertile women may have a better excuse/reason for being hard to handle than a snippy customer, and not every fertility patient is unreasonable.... but hour after hour day, day after day, week after week...we're all bound to be unreasonable at some point or other... it's just the odds...

And being that familiarity does indeed breed contempt... we often dump our angst-ridden load on the unsuspecting infertility nurse.

Why oh why anyone would take on this thankless (ok not really--bear with me if you can)  career and why I could, would and absolutely should never enter into the field myself (by popular demand) will be the discussion this week.

Listen, I gotta go reassess my entire life.  I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.

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