(Infertility-Related) Hours of My Life That I Want Back (Friday)

(Start with "Monday" if you can. As a nod to changing the clocks and losing an hour of  well-earned sleep, we've been talking all this week about all of the hours of our lives we've spent (aka wasted) with infertility that we'd like to have back. My worst fear is that you'll read my week's worth of blogs and say: "Damn Blog...There's ANOTHER infertility-related hour of my life I'll never have back!"... But if you don't have that reaction, or even if you do, consider becoming a subscriber--I'm not proud-- for updates, info and Laughing IS Conceivable deals.) So, today's Fertility Authority Friday. All that means is that on Fridays my weekly posts will continue over on the blogger page at Fertility Authority.com. And they'll be quite humorous I think. (Doin' my best)

Every Friday I'll write you a bit here about what the post will be about, and if it sounds good, or you're not sure, or if you just feel sorry for me because I have no friends and spend all my days alone in a dark damp room blogging my life away, there will be the link to take you on the express bus directly to the post over there.

What can I get over there once a week that I can't get here? I'll be surrounded by some excellent bloggers who have some great info and discussion on all aspects of (in)fertility... and cash. I'm just saying visit early and visit often...that's all I'm saying. Support a sista... That's all I'm saying... Please....I'm begging...That's all I'm saying.   

So, this week we're talking about hours of our infertility lives we'd like back... Yeah, well, an unfortunate run in with my Reproductive Endocrinologist comes to mind. Whenever your doctor is elbow deep into your... appointment...and there are cops...It can't be good.


Head on over...Thanks!