Infertility Treatments Overseas: Mixing Misery with Pleasure (Monday)

Over the months I've been blogging, I've heard from a lot of people about Medical Tourism. You know, when people go to other countries to seek medical treatments. I have nothing negative to say about people who do that. No, I'm serious. That's not just me being my usual sarcastic self.   I mean, I'm all for "Made in the USA" and "Buy American" and all that, but if you can get quality alternative treatments that aren't approved here yet or get a top-notch professional for a third of the price over there, I'd be the first one to drive you to the airport and hand you tapes in Korean, Romanian, or Hindi to listen to on the plane so you can tell dirty jokes to the medical staff during the procedure if it would make you more comfortable. 

So, I said I've heard a lot from people regarding Medical Tourism. What I failed to mention is that most of the people I've heard from aren't the tourists. They're the travel agents.

One woman even suggested to me how wonderful it would be to combine a trip for fertility treatments with a vacation: Sort of mixing bullshit with pleasure I guess. Personally, not to mince words, I think the thought is absurd and am dedicating my time the rest of this week to coming up with creative ways to say so. I just can't picture it. Can you?

Let's all go to Hawaii for treatments.

"Welcome to the beautiful island of Oahu. Your first half-hour hula lesson will be starting soon. At the fifteen minute mark, we'll ask all husbands to kindly lift up the back of your wife's grass skirt for her nightly progesterone injection. And, please, make yourselves at home. Help yourself to as many leis as you'd long as your doctor says it's the right time...Sorry, folks. Just a little fertility treatment island humor."

 (And, yes, I do know Hawaii is part of the U.S. What do you think I've never seen a Miss USA pageant? Leave me alone will ya?)

Listen, I gotta go. We just had the neighborhood big blow-out, any-item-for-a-quarter  yard sale this weekend and I have to go call my broker.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.  If you can't wait that long, (yeah, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to wait either) take a look at my brand spanking new post over at Fertility Authority.