Infertility: Pssst: Your Boss Thinks It's a Scam

It's tough to be go through fertility treatments. No kidding. It's extremely tough going through fertility treatments while you have a full-time job. I mean, infertility is a full-time job. And there are some things during treatment that have to be done when they have to be done. Not the day after. Not on Saturday instead of Tuesday. Most employers don't want to hear it. And I'll have to admit, to someone who hasn't been through it, infertility does sound like a pack of lies. "Okay, so you had to come in late today. But you'll be in on time tomorrow, right?"

"That's a tough one. It depends. You see I have to wait until the nurse calls me to see if I have to go back tomorrow morning...And she won't call me until tonight...when you're already gone for the day."

Even the employers who are trying to be understanding,... we're really trying their patience.

"Okay, so you took off Wednesday afternoon. So, Wednesday's are good for you to go to your appointments. That's perfect. I can just get someone to cover your Wednesday afternoons until your treatments are over."

"Well, no. You see they check my blood and my uterine lining (Please note: Studies have shown that nobody hears a syllable you say, once you've said: 'my uterine lining' in a sentence ) and then they'll call me to let me know if I have to alter my shots...let me back see, every night I have to give myself hormone shots in my stomach with a pen and the nurse tells me if I have to dial the pen up or down and whether I have to come back the next day or the day after that."

Luckily, the boss hasn't heard a word you've said since "my uterine lining" otherwise they would probably think your issues aren't really about fertility-related illness nearly as much as they're about mentally-related illness.

I mean, I've been through the treatments and yet when I tell people, it still sounds like I'm making it all up.

And then, if on top of it, you're trying to maintain some sort of privacy...forget it. Your whole story already sounds like a bad pot-induced hallucination. Now you're going to be all cloak and dagger about it on top of it and expect someone you work for to just go along?

"So, I have to go to an appointment tomorrow morning."

"You mean a doctor's appointment?"

"Well let's just say it's an appointment."

"What kind of an appointment? It's a job interview isn't it?"

"It's not a job interview."

"If it's not a job interview, what's the big deal? Why can't you just say it's a doctor's appointment if it's a doctor's appointment?"

"It's an appointment. My husband's coming with me. He's taking off also."

"Oh...your husband...It's one of those appointments. I'm sorry, I can't give you time off to have sex with your husband."

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