The Infertility Takeover (of my life)

The Infertility Takeover. From even before that very first doctor's appointment, infertility takes over. The emotional strain of trying to get pregnant. The financial strain. The not-knowing. The tests. The appointments. Rearranging your life to accommodate it all. The questions from everybody.  Infertility has invaded your total mind, body, soul, and daily life and thrown you the hell out of there. It's a total Infertility Takeover. You can't think of anything else. There is nothing else.woman running being chased in the dark

When you've been diagnosed, when you're going through treatments... It's like: You know when you go to a certain restaurant and somehow it feels like every time you're there, they give you the same table? No matter who the hostess is. No matter how many people are in your party. You always get that table. You can't get away from that table. Just like you can't get away from infertility.

Infertility is Like Going to the Dentist. Wait, hear me out.

Just like the table thing, when you go to a dentist you can't get away from needing a crown.

"You need a crown."  "I'm just here for a cleaning."

"You have to have a crown."  "I walked in the wrong door. I wanted the realtor next door."

"You must have a crown." "I only have dentures."

"You can't leave without a crown." "You're the receptionist."

"You'll die without a crown." "I'm four years old.... Oh boy! Can I have a Cinderella one?!"

"!" "All my teeth already have crowns." "They all need a second one."

Infertility works the same way. No matter what path you innocently start down, when you're infertile, every last one of them leads to the all-consuming Infertility Takeover.

"The electric bill is due." "Can't pay it. Fertility treatments."

"The company picnic is next week" "Can't go. Have appointment. Fertility treatments."

"You've gained some weight." "Can't lose it. Fertility treatments."

"I'm having my baby shower next week." "Can't deal with it. Fertility treatments"

"The family reunion's in March." "Can't face moronic questions from moronic people. Fertility treatments."

Even a Simple Social Life Gets Infected by the Infertility Takeover

"Let's go to the mall. Can't- Maternity store- Fertility treatments."

"How about the car wash?" "Can't. 'Baby on Board' signs for sale in the store where we wait- Fertility treatments."

"There's the park." "Can't. Kids on swings. Fertility treatments."

"Library." "Can't. Storytime. Fertility treatments."

"Hey, I know. Let's go to the dentist. I'm sure we both need a few crowns."

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