IUI, IVF, FET & Other Random Letters

Like most people going through infertility online, when I first read all of the abbreviations in people's posts, I found it daunting. I mean I knew most of the medical ones: IUI, IVF FET... (I found out about the last one the hard way... by going through it.) But I had to scramble around googling and infiltrating various infertility groups to reveal the hidden meaning behind the conversational abbreviations: BFP, BFN, AF, DH. Then people started to mix the medical abbreviations and the conversational abbreviations with texting chatter.


"So I told my DH & BTW, I was LMAO..."

And one woman went one farther and said: "BTdubs..." Whoa... I just got used to BTW like two weeks ago, now we're moving on to "BTdubs?" Will you give me a break here? The ironic thing is that I'm a language person. I speak English, Spanish and some French but I'm drowning in all of these abbreviations.

Dpi, stims, embies.  The truth is, I think I'm a little jealous. When I went through my IUIs, IVFs, & FET (Look: I'm so proud that I know 3 abbreviations. I'm going to keep using those same 3 over & over again. And nobody can stop me! Sometimes I respond to posts in the support group like that just so I won't feel left out. Post: "My DH was so happy with my BFP!" and I'll post back: "That's great! FET!") So when I went through my treatments, there were no online support groups. Okay... maybe there were and I didn't bother to find them. I was busy hiding my IUIs, IVFs, & FET (leave me alone, I know what I'm doing.) Hiding them from my coworkers. Hiding them from friends and acquaintances and probably, hiding them from myself as much as possible. I didn't realize I was hiding them from myself back then but if I hadn't been hiding them from myself, I might have snuck onto the computer in the wee hours under the cloak of darkness and found me some support groups. But I didn't. Oh I was on the computer plenty back then I'm sure, maybe looking up historical information or celebrity gossip or something but definitely not looking to chat about my infertility issues. That was reserved for that little black hole in my mornings, that Twilight Zone somewhere between brushing my teeth and going to work, when I slipped into the doctor's office every other day or so, where  they told me a bunch of stuff I couldn't mentally process and did stuff to me I was emotionally overwhelmed by.

So I'm astounded and so impressed by all of you people going through IUI, IVF, & FET etc. (hey! That's 4!) who so eloquently reach out every day in these support groups to get support and give support to others.

When I was going through (ready? You know they're coming.) my IUIs, IVFs, & FET (that's 5!) I was so mentally, physically, and emotionally in over my head, I didn't have the strength to put any part of it into words, let alone acronyms.

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