Let's All Celebrate: Happy "Man-in-My-Life" Day (Monday)

Okay, so I admit it: "Happy Man--in-My-Life Day" rolls about as easily off the tongue as a mouthful of crunchy peanut butter and Fluff.   If you've been reading my blog for a while (and if you haven't: "Where the hell have you been?!"... I mean "Welcome!") you know how I feel about holidays and their toll on the unsuspecting infertility community.

Mother's Day irritates me no-end. Father's Day in some ways... is so much worse... it makes me chafe.

For most of the world... the fertile part that is, Father's Day is no big deal.

It's the day when men with small kids choke down an inedible breakfast, followed by the ceremonial tie opening, and wind up with a lovely lunch at some manly gourmet restaurant like "Outback" where dad can celebrate his big day by clogging his arteries on a bloomin' onion and getting blitzed on ten or twelve Big Blokes...while his tiny tykes climb on the table and yank the faux Aussie memorabilia down from the walls.

Dads who have grown children usually just get a phone call and call it a day.

But for dads-in-waiting...the male half of the infertile couple, I think the bullshit holiday can be devastating. In some ways, dare I say, more devastating than Mother's Day is for the females in our  little cozy group of 7.3million. 

The reason why I say it could possibly be worse, is because there are four million and twenty-two subjects most guys would never cry,whine or rant to total strangers in Honduras via the Internet about like women will... and "Infertility" is number six on the list.

So this week, it's going to be all about our men/guys/partners/mattress sharers. It's our job to make them feel better, even if lately we're the one who's been making them feel bad ....

Or even if they don't even know they feel bad.  

Because here's this dreaded holiday coming up on Sunday.

We often accuse guys of being oblivious to holidays and birthdays and anniversaries. It makes us furious when they forget our birthday or our anniversary (and pisses us off even more when they're so clueless they forget their own birthday.)

And yet, if your man really doesn't remember Father's Day this year....Hey, more power to him...

May ALL of our guys be so lucky.

Listen, I gotta go. I KNOW somebody's birthday is today. It's going to kill me if I can't think of whose. Now I have to go through my entire Friends list on Facebook. I REALLY hope it's somebody near the beginning of the alphabet.

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I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.