Let's All Celebrate: Happy "Man-in-My-Life" Day (Wed/Thurs)

So, what were we talking about? Oh right. How to best handle this wretched fast-approaching holiday being thrust upon us this Sunday. Chances are, the men in our lives, the possible future dads of the world...won't tell you what they want or need...I mean not emotionally speaking anyway. They'll tell you if they need an electronic gizmo. (Notice how up on the new technology I am. Everything falls into the "electronic gizmo" category for me.)

See, Mother's Day was different. Most of us were probably pretty good at expressing our needs and wants to our husbands. We simply went to them and said:

"This day is going to be hell.  I just want to be left alone in a dark room with my head stuck in a barrel of mocha ice cream. I don't want to see anybody or talk to anybody. If anyone calls me or visits, I'm holding you personally responsible.

If it's an emergency, and I mean like if the house is on fire and you can't get me out without annoying me, you may take a spoon and bang on the outside of my ice cream barrel. Otherwise leave me alone!"

But husbands don't give us subtle hints like that for Father's Day.

In some ways I'm more man than woman. ("Lori" is just a pen name. My real name is "George".)

No, what I mean is, I'm more stereotypical of a man than woman. I love watching almost any sport especially football. Hate shopping. Couldn't give a crap about shoes. Would have to be dragged by my hair to a Jennifer Aniston movie. (Like her. Hate the genre.)

And yet, I can't possibly understand what goes on in the head of the male part of an infertile couple.

When I was going through infertility I don't know if I ever asked my husband how he felt. (And if he ever volunteered any info, who could hear him over my hourly cries of: "Why me?!")

So for this....day... this horrible little day at the end of this weekend... I think we have to remind ourselves and our husbands how great they are.... do something special...give him something he really wants (for most men that can come cheaply enough...sometimes just a dollar store lotion)...

So even though they may not be dads yet, we should probably let them know how thankful we are that they are indeed worthy of fathering our future family.

Listen I gotta go. We just got our Tempurpedic mattress delivered and I have this sinking feeling...No, I'm serious. Have you ever sat on one? You get this sinking feeling... like you've just pressed the "down" button on the elevator.... I've felt like that a lot lately. Even before they delivered the bed.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.