Let's Celebrate: Happy "Man-in-my-Life" Day (Friday)

So, what were we talking about? Oh right. How to get our men through Father's Day this weekend. The tricky part is: Who even knows if it bothers them? Not to generalize, but sometimes men can be exasperating. You might think they're upset and are just keeping all of their emotions bottled up inside.

So you say:

"Honey, it's okay if this holiday makes you depressed."

But then he'll say:

"I'm not depressed."

So then either you're right and he is depressed but will never admit it.  Or you're wrong and he's really not depressed. And you'll probably never know which it is.

To me the only answer is, not to try to figure it out...Just throw them a big festive:

"Happy 'Man-in-My-Life-Who's-Not-a-Total-Schmuck'" Day.

Because there are a lot of male and female losers out there. And lots of people are married to them.

(You always hope they find each other so they don't ruin the lives of two other decent people, and you'll only have to avoid one house on the block, but it never seems to work out that way.) 

So if you've got one of the good ones, to wade through life in general with, and the cesspool of infertility in specific with, it's high time, this Sunday and then some to celebrate:

"Happy 'Man-in-My-Life-Who's Not-a-Total-Schmuck' Day"........

Today is Fertility Authority Friday.... Read all about this very special holiday on my post over there at:


I'll talk with ya again on Monday.