Male Infertility Cure... Oh the Injustice

I never was much for comparing men to women or women  to men. Who's stronger? Who's respected more? Who makes more money for doing the same job? Whom do the American people trust more to run the Country? Who's supposedly better at math and science? Okay, this isn't going the way I thought it would at all.

My good friend and fellow stand-up comic, Jane used to talk about how nicely men age, ending with: 

"At least they have the good sense to die before it gets ugly." 

Back when I did stand-up comedy, all you heard was how hard it was to be a female stand-up comic. Some women kvetched about how we were ignored by club owners and booking agents because they all subscribed to the mantra: 

"Women just aren't that funny."

For every woman on the evening roster, there were about seven guys. My answer always was:

"So what? What can I do about it?"    

And then there's infertility.  Oh yes...The Big "I".  

So men can be infertile for a few different reasons- mostly ones which result in not enough sperm or slow moving sperm.

Women can have egg issues, hormone issues, cyst issues, uteran issues, tube issues, age issues, "Anybody's guess" issues and any combination thereof.

Infertile women try hormones, drugs, surgery, more drugs, procedure this, procedure that... For a month, a few months, several months, or month after month after month.

Now I read that scientists in Japan have been working on a treatment to help infertile men grow sperm. They take the pill or whatever, grow healthy sperm and father many children. End of treatment.   

So I never really thought much about men having advantages in life over women. Or women getting the short end of the stick...

Until now.

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