#MicroblogMondays 'Goings-On Around Here'

So you know when you have one of those weeks when you're just minding your own business, trying to peddle your little, fun infertility book to people and then the next thing you know you're doing an interview with a renowned expert on open adoption and you don't even know what open adoption is or does and then she sets you straight that it's not the least bit like open marriage like you thought and then this infertility support group on Facebook that you just joined like a week ago asks you if you could run a book club for them and then suddenly you're in charge of it and you're inviting every Facebook support group even remotely related to infertility or adoption or surrogacy or open adoption (which apparently is totally not the same thing as open marriage) to be a part of this gigantic book club so that these people can get to know about a lot of really good books on the subject and the authors who write good books can sell a lot of them and the whole Facebook infertility support community can come together to have fun and talk about infertility without having to post just about their infertility unless they want to? Well, I just had one of those weeks. (Our friend Lori Holden, the Open Adoption expert in question, whom I met via Mel's great Stirrup-Queens Micro Blog Mondays page has been kind enough to do a whole interview series this week with me. Please come take a look at today's post: "Lori Holden Talks Open Adoption with me of all people- Part 1" http://laughingisconceivable.com

Also: If anyone is a member or administrator of an infertility support group on FB or elsewhere (virtual or actual) and would be interested in joining the book club please let me know. It's simple and very low maintenance, I assure you. If you're an author with a book that you'd like us to consider, also, please let me know.

Message me on FB or email: lshandle@aol.com or lshandlefox@gmail.com