#MicroblogMondays "I Am Woman... Hear Me Roar"

My sixth grade teacher was Ms. Martin. Not "Miss" Martin or "Mrs." Martin. She happily corrected people frequently. I've never been too OCD about people referring to me as "chick" or "broad" or calling me "Sweetie". But lately... Is it just me or is the world separating women from men more? Or maybe I'm watching too much TV. I was watching ABC news the other night. David Muir said: "Female jewel thief"... He couldn't have just said: "jewel thief"? I think when we saw the video that followed, since the crook was wearing what looked more like a tank top than a hunting jacket, and she looked directly into the video surveillance cameras without her face or hair being covered, most people would have figured out she was a she. It's also always irked me that On Jeopardy! there's that pesky: "Notable Women" category... Are we such a novelty? Like: "Notable Reptiles" I don't remember ever seeing a "Notable Men" category. And then, to add insult to injury in the "Notable Women" category, the answers are always the same: "Who is... Florence Nightingale? Who is... Harriet Tubman? Who is...Amelia Earhart?" There are only five questions in the category. You can't come up with five new ones every time you have the category? Like someone... anyone we didn't read a biography and do a report on in third grade? I know some African American people who aren't too happy with the "Notable Blacks or African American" categories. (What do you do with Condoleezza Rice? She works for two categories.)  I know I wouldn't be happy with: "Famous Jews". We're not so few and far between. You could fill most of the category with just actors from The Big Bang Theory.