#MicroBlogMondays -Infertile Holidays at Walgreen's

So if you're going through infertility, you probably feel a little left out right about now. When you're trying to get pregnant, it feels like the whole world revolves around kids... and then here come the holidays when it's all tossed in your face just a little bit more- in the malls, on TV, and with the relatives. And if you're somebody who's struggling to get pregnant, and you don't celebrate Christmas, this week you're probably feeling doubly screwed or at least, extremely left out. I, as usual, ran out of Hanukkah candles towards  the end of the holiday this year. (God may have made one night's worth of oil burn for eight nights for the ancient Jews, but I've never had any such miracle.) So, I headed into my neighborhood Walgreen's and asked an employee if she had any Hanukkah stuff, to which she replied and I quote: "Well I know last year we had a 'mariah' up." Yeah, that made me feel good.

And you know that being Jewish and being a writer and being a Jewish writer, the word "menorah" was sitting there, just on the other side of my forehead, kicking at the back of my eyeball, desperate to get out and explode all over the employee's smock and, in fact, the entire "Seasonal" aisle. I chose instead to shove it back and way down, probably planting the seed of something hideous that will have to be surgically removed in twenty years, once it's full-grown to the size and texture of a tennis ball. At that moment, I will look up at the surgeon with my one in-tact eye and say:

"Oh will you look at that? So that's where 'menorah' from Hanukkah 2015 went."