#MicroblogMondays: It's a Small Small World

If the title of this post brings back nice childhood memories of going to Disney, you're most welcome. If it traps that song between your conscious and sub-conscious and plays it over and over, relentlessly, for the next 24 hours in several languages, I apologize. I recently, surprising even to me, especially to me, became in charge of a Book Club at the wonderfully supportive group: The IVF Journey on Facebook. (Anyone can join the book club... so please do.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/theivfjourney

The point is: I thought this first month, in "honor" of Valentine's Day, the theme could be:

"Being Lovey-Dovey When Romance has become Sticking a Needle in My Butt".

I asked around and perused various websites for book suggestions and came up with:

"What He Can Expect When She's Not Expecting" thinking a guy's rare perspective about the whole IVF thing could be a good twist and couples could maybe even read it together. Then I noticed who the author was: Marc Sedaka. What? It couldn't be. So I checked out his website. Yep, there was his face. It sure was.

Thirty years ago, I was in my junior year at NYU living in the dorm. Down the hall was this freshman guy I became friendly acquaintances with. Every weekend, this guy used to leave the dorm in Greenwich Village and go stay at the apartment where he lived on the Upper East Side with his family. So one day... thirty years ago... I get a knock at my door. It's this guy. He indicates his dorm room around the corner from mine: "They're having a party in there. Can I sleep in here?"

"It's the weekend. Why didn't you go home?" I asked. To which he replied as any of us would:

"Paloma Picasso overflowed her hot tub in her apartment above us and it flooded out my bedroom. Can I sleep on your floor?"

As compassionate as I am now I was then:

"There are 18 rooms in your apartment. You couldn't find another one to sleep in?"

And so, that author of that book... 30 years ago... slept on the floor of my 9 x 12 dorm room that I shared with two other girls.

Now that he and I are both famous authors, I think maybe I should campaign for room 409 in Rubin Hall to become a National Landmark and put up a plaque: "Lori Shandle-Fox and Marc Sedaka slept here together... but not 'together'."

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