"M" is for May and... okay... mother's day month

As the calendar turns the page to May, all infertile eyes can't help but jump down to Mother's Day. This year, it comes a little late: Okay, I'm not a total moron (not a total one). I know that it always comes on the second Sunday in May in the U.S. and several other countries. It's just that it seems like it's usually around the 9th, but this year falls on the 14th. All in all, over 40 countries celebrate Mother's Day on one date or another. The Land of Infertility is one place where it is not celebrated. Or celebrated only when coerced into it and even then, usually celebrated half-heartedly if not half-assedly. Everybody in the world who celebrates Mother's Day, celebrates Mother's Day but infertile women: We "celebrate" Mother's Day Month.

I mean, did anyone look at the calendar today and think: "Yeah, this is Mother's Day month!"? Of course not. The majority of women dealing with infertility, if they opened their eyes this morning and their first thought was that it was May 1st, realized it was Mother's Day month and their immediate reaction, was that combo platter of feelings in the pit of their stomach of sadness, anxiety, and dread.

Whether you've never been through infertility, went through it a while ago or are knee-deep in it even as we speak- Everyone can relate to that feeling. It's the exact same feeling you have when you wake up and your very first thought, before even putting your feet on the floor is that:

  1. You have a final exam in your least sturdy subject.
  2. You have jury duty.
  3. It's the first day of school.
  4. You have to tell your best friend that her fiancé hit on you at her engagement party.
  5. You haven't gone to the bathroom in five days.
  6. You have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  7. It's not Sunday but Monday.
  8. You don't recognize the room you're in or the cologne smell on the pillow.
  9. The last day of your wonderful vacation was yesterday.
  10. You and your spouse/partner/husband aren't speaking.
  11. Your dream guy has his own dream guy.
  12. Your alarm clock never went off.
  13. You forgot to buy coffee... and
  14. You single-handedly polished off the logical-alternative-in-a-pinch, the half-gallon of coffee ice cream, the night before.

Please join me back here next week when I discuss the number one source of entertainment for those in the Land of Infertility during Mother's Day month: Traveling to the Land of What Ifs.

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