Nobel Prize Winners: Those Rat Bastards (Friday)

(Start with "Monday" if you can. Let me know if I get more or less funny as the week progresses.) So, what were we talking about? Oh right. Louise Brown, the first baby born via IVF... and Dr. Robert Edwards, the "Father of IVF", who just won the Nobel Prize. Actually, he had a co-conspirator: The late Dr. Patrick Steptoe.

There's a children's book in there some place. Maybe: "Louise Has Two Daddies" (Three if you count her real one.)

And even more important than all of her daddies: Did you know that Louise Brown has a younger sister? And that Louise Brown was the first baby born via IVF in the entire world and her sister, Natalie, born just four years later, was the fortieth? Talk about your sibling rivalry.

Oh the pressure. Your sister wins Olympic gold and you come in fortieth. Your sister wins the New York City marathon, and you come in fortieth (which by the way, is still damn good.)

Your sister wins the Superbowl and you come in fortieth. (Of course, your sister couldn't possibly win the Superbowl except as the cheerleader or the quarterback's wife- at the moment anyway... and of course there aren't 40 teams in the NFL either. I'm losing all kinds of credibility here, aren't I?)

I remember when Prince Harry was born, all you heard was: "The Heir and the Spare." I remember thinking: "Great. This kid was just born and they make him sound like a tire laying in the trunk of the car (or should I say "boot"?)  

It's like being Jamie Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Nikki Hilton, Chad Lowe, Casey Affleck or whichever Baldwins aren't Alex.  

I think everyone expects, or you expect that everyone will expect you to be as fantastic as your famous sibling. And, having failed at that, they then expect you to buy a one-way lifetime ride on the Wannabe-go-round:  Slut, druggie,  shop-lifter, alcoholic, "C"-list Reality Show Star;  Slut, druggie, shop-lifter, alcoholic, come-back "C"-list Reality Show Star.

Even though, naturally, I was always the superior sister who excelled at everything... and I mean... everything... I think I may be able to relate.

It reminds me of when I did stand-up comedy. You never wanted to be the "And you were good too" comic. 

The show was over. People crowded over to the little comedians' table. Someone would look at one of your fellow comedians and  say: "Man, you were amazing! I never laughed so hard in my whole life. That bit you did about the car was awesome!" Then they'd see you sitting there looking pathetic and say, looking in nobody's particular direction: "Oh......And you were good too."

So, what do we know about Louise Brown's younger sister Natalie? Turns out she has her own claim to fame. She may have been the fortieth IVF baby born, but she was the first one to have her own baby (naturally) in 1999,

Wait, she was born in 1982. That means she was only seventeen when she gave birth. So, thankfully, I don't think she's spent her whole life on the wannabe-go-round: Slut,druggie,alcoholic, shop-lifter,reality show star.  At the very most, and I can't say because I don't know the girl, she rode one horse and then jumped off.

Listen, I gotta go. The State Fair's this weekend and people are starting to line up for the new featured, much anticipated food item (This is for real): Two Crispy Creme donuts with a.... fried hamburger between them. I think I'll beat the crowd and just get in line for the bathroom. 

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