"Out of the Roaster and Into the Frying Pan: Oh, The Joyous Holidays" (Monday)

Last week I whined, complained, and kvetched, ("Kvetching": A verb meaning  synchronized whining and complaining) about Thanksgiving with all of its traditions: Lousy food that you have to pretend is wonderful and lousy relatives whom you have to pretend are wonderful. Luckily, the pretense only has to be maintained while the tasteless food and tasteless people are in front of you. Then you can get in your car and retch all the way home from both.  

I really want to say to all of you who are feeling bombarded by infertility and holidays and holidays and infertility: "Yeah! You made it through Thanksgiving!" So, I will. "Yeah! You made it through Thanksgiving!"

(I'd say "Good Job! But then I'd sound like the cookie cutter mommies at the park bonding with their kiddies. Good job! Good job! Good job! It's like a dream sequence in a horror movie with everything all loud and distorted.

Do they ever notice me, the woman jogging by pushing her ear buds so far into her head she's probably causing brain damage and screaming: "Stop it! Stooooooooop iiiiiiiiiiit!" ?)  

Unfortunately we all know that Thanksgiving is only the beginning of the holidays and all the stresses they bring. It can be a particularly difficult season for many but even more so when it coincides with the season in our lives that many on this site are going through.

So, I apologize if this annoys anyone no end... but I'm planning to do a month-long theme: "Get Through the Holidays...Any Way You Can!".

In addition to my daily-"sorry but I was born without the self-censorship button in my brain"- posts, there will be brand spanking new articles from some brand spanking new (and some old beloved) "Health Experts". I always try to add new articles frequently, but during this season, that page will be buzzing constantly with new information and expert advice. 

Hopefully my posts will be entertaining during this time and it won't feel to you like I've climbed aboard the rickety lame-ass bandwagon with the radio stations that start playing holiday songs before Thanksgiving and don't let go until "Auld Lang Syne" (which... a bit of trivia... is Scottish for "Well that year certainly sucked".)

Or the stores that mingle their newly-arrived holiday crap with the back-to-school supplies. "Let me check my list: I need some spiral notebooks, some pens,... oh and a Santa that dances to 'A Holly Jolly Christmas' and drops his pants at: 'Oh Ho', the mistletoe hung where you can see.' 

So if your fertility woes make you feel like an outcast this season, hang in there by hanging out here and/or on any of the dozens of great support sites available, with the other 7.3 million outcasts who feel the exact same way.

Listen, I gotta go.  As you know I'm sure it's black Monday on the internet. I think I'll go to Target.com and force my  5'3", 125 pound frame of steel through their already jammed cyber doors. I hope I don't hurt anybody in other parts of the world.    

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.