When Infertility & The Holidays Collide

Happy Holidays to Everyone!! Do you guys know what a "holiday schedule" is? I had no idea. That is, until I went to the dentist a few weeks ago. Between their gabby hygienists and their little doorless cubicles with the half walls, it's amazing how much you can learn just by going to the dentist and being a good eavesdropper. It's also astonishing how we may all come from different places, different cultures, and different traditions, and yet when we're dealing with infertility during holiday time, and then we all get together online or in person to compare notes, we find that our experiences are all eerily similar. No matter who, where or how... we all have relatives who seem to fall into certain categories: "The Inquisitor", "The Clueless", "The Jokester".

Dr. Serena H. Chen at St. Barnabas IVF- IRMS Reproductive Medicine was kind enough to let me horn in on their blog this week, so for the rest of this post, please join me there:  http://www.sbivf.com/blog/

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