Sisterhood of the Traveling Hormones (Tuesday)

So, what were we talking about? Oh right. Sisterhoods. We were chatting about the first brush with sisterhood many of us encounter in our early lives: The girl scouts. So to a lot of us seven year olds, "sisterhood" meant uniforms that cost an arm and a leg, and being forced into cookie-selling servitude. (Every time I see a female drug dealer, I think: "Must have been a Brownie. It's the natural progression. Brownie, Girl Scout, drug dealer." How hard could it be to go from thin mint pusher to crack cocaine pusher?) 

Who knew I had such deep-seated hatred for the scouts? But I must. I've been stopping just short of calling them devil worshippers for two days...

But, ah yes...there are many other kinds of sisterhoods in our lives. Many of which we sort of just fall into.... Like before I got married... I was in the "Sisterhood of the Shriveled Singles"... not a pretty group as you can probably imagine:

Women who were over thirty-five, holding out to meet exactly the perfect right guy for so long that, ironically, they succumbed to dating anything that could memorize their name in under three dates.

I couldn't allow myself to be part of this sisterhood. Too depressing. Instead I surrounded myself with women who had horrible men in their lives: Drinkers, cheaters, losers... I felt so good about being alone.

Nobody wants to be part of the infertility sisterhood. Personally, the last thing I wanted to do was band together with a bunch of other infertile women, gather around the campfire with a guitar, and sing "We Shall Overcome... soooomedaaaay".

I was perfectly content to crawl into my nice, cushy hole and stay there until my next blood test. I had my hole carpeted. And air-conditioned. With cable.

But as much as I hate to admit it, I was a part of the infertility sisterhood... and well frankly still am. Until you've walked through the dark bowels of infertility (and there's a visual for you) you can't be part of the sisterhood...and once you are a're a lifer.

Even if you go on to have seven're still a lifer...many run...many hide... but you've been through it and that's what the sisterhood is about. And remember... Deep in my heart, I do believe...We shall overcome... all of us... someday....

Listen I gotta go. If you haven't had a chance to check out my tribute of sorts to Father's Day for the lovely man-half of our infertile couples, please take a click over to Fertility Authority for my post: "Man-in-My-Life-Who-Isn't-A-Total-Schmuck"  

 I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.