Something To Read If You're Having Issues on Christmas (Saturday)

Hi there! Okay, so what kind of an obsessive nut blogs on Christmas/Christmas Eve? I mentioned on Friday's post that I'm going to be posting a bonus Saturday article for Christmas in case it's turning into a particularly trying day for you. So this article is written by a woman in St.Louis who has suffered through infertility and is a licensed counselor who now helps those also stuck on that same sucky voyage.

I was lucky enough to receive a lot of great articles from experts in the infertility field who wanted to contribute to my month long "Get Through the Holidays...Any Way You Can" theme to help readers do just that. I certainly hope you've enjoyed their articles and found some comfort and valuable information in them.

But this article from Tracy Birkinbine was different. It's informative. But most of all it's a deeply heart-felt account of what she went through one Christmas during her own infertility battle. I think she speaks for many. Hopefully her raw, honest, emotion will bring you feelings of support and of not being alone. If you need a little uplifting after you read it, please come back to the main blog and read over some of my usual shenanigans. Hopefully you can get a smile or two.       

Here's where you can find Tracy's article. I'll talk to ya again on Tuesday.

Meet Tracy: