Sperming without a License and Sexless Reproduction (Friday)

(Start with "Monday" if you can. I wrote a day or two on organisms that have the option to reproduce with a mate... or without (by cloning themselves.) Since my wedding anniversary is in a few days and I'd like to still be a married person when it arrives, I think I'd better refrain from mate-commenting further...But, if YOU don't have YOUR anniversary in a few days...there's probably nothing at all stopping you from reading what I wrote about the advantages of reproducing without a mate earlier in the week...when I couldn't shut up about it. )

So, what were we talking about? Oh right. Infertility news. Another interesting tidbit: Military wives becoming surrogates to help pay the bills.

Apparently 15-20% of all surrogates in the U.S. are women with husbands in the military. The one in the article I read: Her husband earns $30,000 a year.

Okay, so of course there always has to be some controversy. These women are using their husband's health benefits, paid for by taxpayers for these pregnancies. Their coverage doesn't include surrogates so they're not disclosing the info.

The insurance only pays for the prenatal/pregnancy/hospital part by the way. No IVF etc.

As a taxpayer myself, my heated reaction would be: "Oh well."

Sure, we don't want to bankrupt ourselves any further but, wait, let me see if I read my own writing correctly ... These guys have, like, two year commutes back and forth to Iraq and we're paying them $30,000 a year? That probably doesn't even cover gas and tolls.

You couldn't give me a job back and forth to New Jersey for $30,000 a year.

And in Jersey, you're probably not expecting a platoon of men to jump into your car and shoot you. (Okay, I saw it happen one time at a McDonald's in Elizabeth.)

So on the one hand, we have all of these infertile couples who need surrogates. Then we have all of these impoverished military wives who could use money and are willing to do it. Okay, I'm good.

And one military husband got discharged because of injuries he sustained while in service. So the couple left Florida to move back to Michigan to be with their families while she was pregnant.

But they couldn't go back to Michigan. Apparently Michigan doesn't recognize surrogacy contracts and the wife was told she could go to jail, so they had to live over the border in Ohio until the baby was born.

I know a lot of people from other countries check out this blog. Two messages for you:

A) Thank you so much for reading.

B) The information in that last paragraph does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire United States of America or even all of the good people of Michigan, and especially not those of this American idiot typing it.

Who ARE these military families anyway? They go to foreign places and get shot at? They have babies for people who can't.

To be honest, pardon my political incorrectness, but I have no interest in doing either of those...

Even though I love you all like brothers and sisters and wish you the absolute best in your family-building efforts: I probably wouldn't offer to have your baby. (My husband is lucky I offered to have his.)

On the other hand- I would rather carry somebody else's sextuplets TWICE than jump up to grab an open-ended airline ticket to any war. 

So, personally, I have no problem chipping in for those less selfish and chickensht than myself who volunteer to.  Gd bless 'em. But me, fight in Afghanistan or Iraq? Are you kidding me?

I'll probably never even go back to the McDonald's in Elizabeth.  

Listen I gotta go.  As I said, my anniversary is next week and I'm determined to make myself  look just like I did when we first got married. I should've started in March... and taken a course on restoration.

I'll be taking next week off to celebrate our anniversary at the beginning of the week and recover at the end. Then celebrate Halloween and recover from that. If you haven't looked into "The Health Experts" recently, please check out the articles and I'll be back to chat on November 1st. http://laughingisconceivable.com/?page_id=642