Spring Break: Does Anyone Ever Get a Break From Infertility? (Monday)

March for a lot of people evokes thoughts of March Madness and Spring Break. I don't follow college football so I know nothing about March Madness. I've never done the whole  "Spring Break" rigmarole myself, so I know even less about that. So, therefore, obviously, Spring Break will be what I focus on this week. I find I have more to write about when it's a topic about which I know nothing at all. I try not to let ignorance stand in the way of me being an expert. I've never met anybody who was dealing with infertility and its treatments who couldn't use a break. And then of course, most people I've known who are going through treatments, myself included, are terrified to take a break. Although I may have been terrified for a very different reason than most people.We'll discuss that this week....

We'll also talk about: What a truly ugly scene it would be to have a bunch of infertiles "partying" together on Spring Break.

Maybe I'm just being negative. Does anyone else think it would be horrendous to have a sorority of infertile women  (Delta Gamma Gametes perhaps) sharing a house in Cancun?: No drinking, no smoking,  no hot tubs... and the filming of that new never sought after video: "Hormones Gone Wild!"   

We perhaps will also toy with possible Spring Break hot spots for infertiles. You know, there are special cruises, excursions and tours geared toward gay couples, seniors, etc. Why not Spring Break locales for infertile couples? I'll have to do some digging. Maybe there's a beautiful, exotic, tropical island in the South Seas dedicated solely to infertile couples having a good time (if that's possible).

Not only is nobody under eighteen allowed at the resort so as not to upset any of the guests, but it is an otherwise uninhabited island-- six hundred miles away from civilization: Well beyond venting-to-the-natives distance. 

Listen, I gotta go brush up on my infertile frat-house destinations. The possibilities must be endless.

If you have a moment, please check out my post on what all of those infertility-related initials RE,IUI,ART,ICSI mean (My version anyway) on the Fertility Authority website:  http://fertilityauthority.com/blogger/1013368

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.