Spring Training For Infertility Virgins (Monday)

So Spring has officially arrived...on the calendar anyway... And for a lot of people that means Spring training. This week we'll be discussing a very specific kind of spring training. And pardon me for using the word "Virgins" in the title. Yes I feel it belongs but I'll admit it also makes me squirm a mite because:

a) It's one of those overused phrases nowadays like "property virgins"; 

b) It sounds like a bunch of infertile women are going to be sacrificed into a volcano.

c) Could you find a weirder oxymoron than "Infertility Virgin"? It sounds like we're morons. Like we're not really infertile...It just never occurred to us that having sex with a man might be the answer to our problems... Which then brings me to:

d) My lesbian friends who are sitting there going: "No, I'm pretty sure having sex with a man wouldn't be the answer to my problems." (Oh, just change the damn title, why don't I?!)

But honestly, when I talk to people who are going through infertility for the first time... or ART (Assisted Reproductive Techonologies) or IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF or those just realizing that they may have fertility issues-- they are understandably so confused... and frustrated.

So this week we're going to try to enlighten some of the new people about what might be on the horizon for them with  IUI, IVF, FBI,CIA,AMA, UJA,AARP,NBC, MBA, NAACP, DAR and somehow get everyone to LOL. 

So if you're a wide-eyed new person or a blood-shot-eyed infertility veteran...Whether you're twenty or forty....have no kids or three kids but would like a fourth...

To some extent... We're all in the same boat. --even those who are ready to jump ship-- And we all welcome you infertility virgins. All Aboard... get ready to set sail!       

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Listen, I gotta go. I've got to enjoy this Spring weather...it's 82 degrees. Wait...is Spring over already?

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.