Sweeping Up after Nat'l Infertility Awareness Week (Monday)

So, sorry for the late post. Here's my lame excuse: Well, National Infertility Awareness Week has just wound up and I don't know about you but I'm exhausted. I feel like an accountant on April 15th...at 11:59 pm.

Over the past week and a half, I've written more blog posts than either my creativity or my intelligence  could handle (so if you've wondered why half of my posts were dull and stupid, now you know.)

I sat at the computer for hours on end overworking my mind until I realized that the odor of fried brain cells bears an uncanny resemblance to the smell of singeing hair...also the Whoppers at Burger King.  

Luckily I have low expectations. I burned the midnight oil to make sure I got all my writing done but was satisfied if it was boring, hideous, or (at about 1 AM each day... plagiarized) Call me a half-assed perfectionist.

You always hear people say: "You expect too much from yourself." I don't. If I make it out of bed in the morning, I couldn't be prouder of me. If I get dressed I get a cookie. 

So, something I set out to tell you about a hundred words ago, (but once I get a good kvetch going it's hard for me to put on the brakes):

What we'll be discussing this week: 

Okay, so National Infertility Awareness Week is over and done. So, what now? Everybody's aware about the plight of the infertile...Okay...now what?  

And what does the aftermath of National Infertility Week look like?

Personally I picture National Infertility Awareness Week as all of the Country's infertile people having one big drunken romp in Times Square for seven days.

And then after the whole thing is overwith we force any woman with more than four children to "volunteer" for the clean-up crew.

"Hey, so you get pregnant easily? Good for you! Come clean up after 7.3 million frustrated angry people. It will be just like cleaning up after your kids...Trust me, it will be fine.

And we also might chat this week about a fab infertility education conference I attended and, well, I hate to admit it...that educated me ... on infertility-related things I didn't know anything about.

For me that's quite an admission. I don't generally admit that I don't know something. I like people to think I'm brilliant.

Listen, I gotta go. I have to go watch a bunch of "Jeopardy!" episodes to try to grow back some of my brain cells. Maybe I should start with "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?"...or "Dancing with the Stars."

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.