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Infertility News: I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up (Tuesday)

So what were we talking about? Oh right. I thought it would be nice to take a break from all of our own personal roller coaster infertility news and see what's happening in the world of infertility news at large. So apparently there's a woman, Kimberley Castles, in jail in Australia who was doing IVF at the time of her incarceration. (I don't mean to imply she got arrested because she was caught shooting up and it turned out to be progesterone.)

She petitioned the court to be allowed to continue with treatments while she's in jail. And won.

Her lawyer's argument was that while she's been in prison, four babies have been born to prisoners who had conceived during conjugal visits. So if they're allowed to make babies in prison, so should she.

Gee, I hope serving a jail term isn't getting in the way of anybody's social life. Free people go years without "getting some". Apparently jailed people don't.

And she couldn't wait until she got out of prison, next year, because then she would be too old to be eligible for IVF in Australia. Man, is that inconvenient. I don't think jail is meant to be inconvenient. Is it?

So, here's this old lady (okay, a year younger than I am) who's in jail. Forget about hiding a saw in a cake, she's going to be permitted to bring in shiny, pointy hypodermic needles through the front door with the blessing of the Supreme Court.    

I must say, jail seems quite pleasant in Australia. The hotel on my honeymoon was less accommodating. I wonder if the warden stops by every night to shoot her in the upper outer quadrant of her butt cheek.

And, you might ask, "What is this woman in jail for?" Welfare fraud. Do you think somebody caught on when she paid her own way through IVF? 

Listen, I gotta go.  I have the sudden urge to commit a crime. Maybe I'll litter or choke someone nasty.  Yes, one destroys our environment, but the other improves it. I'll talk with ya tomorrow.