The Infertility Cyclone (Friday)

(Start with "Monday" if you can. This whole week we've been doing a tribute of sorts to the almighty "Twister": Not the Helen Hunt movie... or the orgy game with the colorful dots) So, what were we talking about? Oh right. The infertility cyclone: Definitely not a ride at Coney Island.

And being stuck in the mall during a tornado with the Easter bunny. It was like a French film I saw once. This series of devastating cyclones in our area sparked a conversation between some girlfriends and me about the most humiliating places to be found dead.

One mentioned being found in a strange man's bed. Another said in a bouncy house at the State Fair. Considering my feelings for my husband, I can't imagine how I would ever be in a strange man's bed.. unless I was an eighty year old widow...then fk it... more power to me.

And the bouncy house: I can't think of a better way to go. Let a couple of carnies peel my lifeless body off some unfortunate four year old.

Anyway... The most embarrassing place to me to be caught dead, is the most embarrassing place to be caught alive--at the mall---exactly where we were when these tornadoes came through town.

Luckily for my husband and me, we had already survived the Infertility Cyclone... So this tornado thing...Didn't phase us much. In fact, I can't remember when I enjoyed the mall so much.

So, today is Fertility Authority Friday: Please click over there to read more about our restful romp around the mall during the tornado.  

One thing I learned during the storm: The safest place to be is a small interior room with no windows. Geez...That can't be right. That would be my fertility doctor's examination room.

Have a great weekend. I'll talk to ya again on Monday.... Chag Sameach!/Happy Easter!