The Lady-like Side of Infertility

It's never fun to discuss infertility.  (What a great line to start a humor blog about infertility.) Depending on which end of the discussion you're on, just the word alone--INFERTILITY-- makes people angry, uncomfortable, anxious, depressed, and frustrated.

Look at the infertility chat forums. Often, there's so much crying, whining, anger, and hopelessness.  It's like a Spanish soap opera. (Even if you don't understand Spanish, just watch five minutes of one and you'll see what I mean.)

We point fingers of blame, we yell, we vent and we get fed up... a lot.  Enough I say! 

I think it's high time we bring civility back into infertility, don't you?  Our online support discussions should be more delicate and polite. Like tea-time in Merry Old England.

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"If Jane Austen Were Infertile"

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