This Blog Has Taken a Turn...Hopefully not for the Worse

I started this blog a few years ago with the intention of using my background in humor (as a stand-up comic, newspaper humor writer, and general all-around smart-ass) to de-stress people dealing with the horrors of infertility that I'd personally endured- specifically the devastating frustration, anxiety and sadness that can easily accompany the bastard. That's always been my first goal and priority and still is. The problem is: There are many great writers who have wonderful imaginations and I'm not one of them. When I'm not just fresh out of a crisis, it's hard for me to remember the battle let alone feel it in my guts. If I can't remember it or feel it in my guts any longer, it's hard for me to be amusing about getting through it. I've always compared my type of humor to having the chills when you're sick. (It's not as depressing as it sounds. I don't think so anyway.) When you have the chills it's not because you're cold inside. It's because your body's so hot from the fever, you're shivering to try to push out the heat. That's how I feel about laughing at infertility. Unless you're some kind of a nut, you don't think it's a hilarious topic. It's more like there's so much pain involved sometimes, your mind and body have to laugh to push it out... just as an act of self-preservation... a way to keep some perspective so you don't totally lose it. (I've since found out that that's not why you have chills when you're sick but the real reason doesn't fit with my analogy so screw it until I come up with a better one.)

So what I'll be doing now with this here blog is just broadening my scope of topics. I'm definitely going to be sharing any articles about infertility and humor etc and I'm hoping that any new topics I write about won't send all of you screaming into the streets: "What the fk is this woman doing???!!!" The idea is that if I keep writing specifically about infertility, I'm just going to be so stale and boring it's going to put everyone to sleep. Hopefully if I write about stuff that's more current in my life and it's funny, it still will help people de-stress from infertility... and anything else that might be irritating you that day.

I'm still very sensitive to the infertility issue. You're a jackass if you've lived through months and months of that and don't feel any empathy for everyone in that rickety boat. I'll be writing a lot about work issues, husband issues, sister issues (that would be a decade-long blog in itself), traffic issues, random annoying people issues... whatever... but I'll avoid any topics which are obviously going to be unsettling to those dealing with infertility.

I really hope you stick with me and still find humor and comfort in Laughing IS Conceivable.

Thanks!! (Ps. If you click the book cover to the right, the option to get a free chapter of my ebook is just being installed. It will be working within the next week. The entire ebook is free at Amazon if you have access to the Kindle Library.