Valentine's Month: Rekindling for the Burned Out (Wednesday)

(Start with "Monday" if you can. This whole week is dedicated to Valentine's Day so there's nothing but love love love here... and chocolate... and some poor lingerie choices.) So, what were we talking about? Oh right. How important it is for infertile couples (I hate that we're walking around the streets with that bs stamped on our foreheads...feels like it sometimes doesn't it?)... anyway..discussing how important it is that couples dealing with infertility celebrate Valentine's Day... Celebrate it early and Celebrate it often.

Because infertility sometimes makes us forget about the romance. It's easy among the rushing around to appointments and tests and medications to forget to hold hands, hug out of love not just to console... Of course, the key to a good Valentine's Day is the same as the key to a good relationship which is the same as the key to betting on a horse:  Don't pick a  loser.So there was this girl I used to work with. (I really did work with this girl. No, it's not really me. I'll give you her name and social security number later.)  Anyway... She dated this guy for a long time who every now and then also dated other women. Then came Valentine's day. He was mad at her for something or other (or more likely he's one of those guys who picks a fight the day before Valentine's Day to save the cost of a card).

So he ends up buying her a little candy basket (that looked suspiciously like an Easter basket--probably on sale in February-99% off the original price) with a Tweety Bird balloon on a stick shoved into it.

Doesn't matter to me how much a man spends on a gift. It really is the thought that counts. And clearly Tweety Boy put zero thought into his Valentine's Day gift. I feel sure he purchased Tweety as a way to kill two birds (as it were) with one stone: 1) To shut her up and 2) To kill some time while waiting for his gas tank to fill up at the convenience store from whence he made his heartfelt purchase. 

Some of the world's best love stories,- Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, Barack and Michelle Obama- have begun, I feel certain, with a Valentine's Day gift purchased alongside Gatorade, a pack of cigarettes, a scratch-off lottery ticket, a box of tickle me Trojans and a tank of gas.     

Then, he had the chudspa to show up at our job and bark into his cell phone: "I'm outside, you'd better come get your gift!" He rolled up to the curb, dumped poor Tweety on the sidewalk and started to take off. An employee, a man not only twice as considerate as he but twice his size came along and strongly suggested he not leave it there.

So needless to say the girl got mad at her Valentine, didn't speak to him for weeks, then got pregnant, had his baby and married him five years later.    

Smart women doing dumb things because they somehow think a loser is better than no man at all. I call it "The Tweety Syndrome".

So if you've got someone good...through all of the infertility-related fights...caused by hormones, frustration, and stress, be eternally grateful. He may not be perfect...but then again, he ain't no Tweety Boy either. 

Listen, I gotta go. I'm going to give my husband a giant hicky...just becuz.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.