We Too Shall Overcome Someday, I Do Believe (Tuesday)

So this week we're commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Notice I chose to say "commemorating", instead of  "celebrating".  It always weirds me out when I hear that somebody dead is celebrating their birthday. I remember in 1980, hearing on the radio among the list of that day's greetings and announcements: "Today is Helen Keller's 100th birthday."

I was 100% sure that she had died a long time ago, and pretty sure, as amazing a woman as she was, that she hadn't rallied herself out of it decades later, but of course I had to then run to a computer or whatever I had access to in 1980 (microfiche at the library I'm sure) and re-confirm. Yes, indeed, Helen Keller was still dead in 1980.  

I wrote an angry letter to the radio station: "Next year, could you please say the damn announcement correctly?!. "Today would have been Helen Keller's 101st birthday... if she hadn't died at 87."

Anyway...enough of #106 on this week's countdown of Lori's top 200 pet peeves.

So, this week in commemoration of Dr.King's birthday (notice I said "commemoration" instead of "celebration". I hate when we celebrate birthdays of people who have died... Oh I did that already? I thought I deleted that part because, when I re-read it, I sounded nuts...nevermind) ...

We're all aware I'm sure that Dr. King fought for those who had been treated unfairly by life to some extent and by other people to a very large extent... and yet he may not even have known anyone going through infertility. How very ironic.

Everyone's got something to overcome in life. Some people have smaller things that they make bigger and some people have bigger obstacles that they can put into perspective.

So, that's what we'll get into this week here:  All of the things that we have to overcome as people dealing with infertility:  Maybe it's the pressure on our relationship, or the mounting bills, or the agonizing decisions about whether or not to continue treatments,  or the close friends who don't understand, or the employer who doesn't understand, or our frustrations with the whole thing that we ourselves don't understand.

And take a look at the "Non-Health Experts" page if you get the chance. There's a new article by Kevin Haney. His field of expertise is insurance. He gives a lot of great information and advice about all things infertility-related with a very helpful segment on taxes too. You want to make sure your refund this year not only finds you in a hurry but also includes every dime you're entitled to.  http://laughingisconceivable.com/?page_id=1623

Isn't it funny how when you move, you're  sitting on the floor in the living room eating out of a can of Spaghetti-O's with a plastic knife because the truck with your furniture (and pots and silverware)  has been circling the state for two weeks trying to find you....

But your first light bill is waiting in the mail box when you drive up.

Listen, I gotta go. The Australian Open tennis is on live now even though it's 9AM Tuesday here and 2 o'clock a week from next Thursday in Australia.

I'll talk with ya again tomorrow.