Welcome to Laughing IS Conceivable!-(Introduction)

Welcome! Okay, enough exclamation points. This isn’t US magazine. Simply put, this blog is here to de-stress people. Generally, it’s for anyone who could use “Five Minutes of Laughter, Five Days a Week.” Specifically, it’s for people undergoing fertility treatments and their friends and families. (Be with you folks in a sec.) But even if you don’t know anyone who’s had problems conceiving, freak out at the thought, never watch Discovery Health Channel, TLC or Lifetime… I would be thrilled to have you along. I assure you that you will still get nearly every word of this blog and the humor in it. (Although I guarantee you do indeed know someone who has had trouble conceiving and, while I’m at it: You also know gay people.) Between you and me, just about everything I’ve ever written (and this blog will be no exception) is about laughing through life’s traumas and stupidities. So whether it’s been a column about losing a parent or Super Bowl pools at work, eating in a hoidy toidy restaurant, or infertility, that’s what it’s really been about. And that’s why you don’t have to know or care about infertility to get it and laugh at me going through it. Here’s a quick tutorial to catch you up on the insider lingo: A Reproductive Endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in infertility. Now you’re caught up.  Excuse me while I go over here to chat with those dealing with fertility issues for a moment. Feel free to read along (I promise you won’t squirm) or check out the “About” page to find out more about me and my future blogging intentions and please join me for the official blog launching on Monday April 26, 2010.       

 If you are undergoing infertility treatments or have had a problem conceiving or are close to someone who has, every post of this blog is written with you in mind. I aim to alleviate some of the angst caused by the emotional, social, mental, physical, relationship and financial strains.  Sure, there are a lot of blogs dealing with infertility already out there. Some are to give you medical information. As my degree is in Foreign Languages, I wouldn’t pay any mind to any medical information I would give you. (I could diagnose you in Spanish, but you’d still be a fool to listen. I am working, however, on coercing some wonderful renowned infertility specialists I know into doing guest columns.) I’m also not going to cry about my infertility journey. Most of our hearts have been broken early and often during the crappy adventure and thousands of times more when we read other people’s stories. None of that here. The purpose of my blog, as I started to explain to you twenty minutes ago is simple: I want you to be entertained. I want you to laugh. I understand. I really do. That seems impossible. You’re stuck in that bubble. That surreal, bizarre, socially isolating, relationship straining, emotionally draining, hormone raging, financially devastating, infertility bubble. It’s like you’re trapped month after month inside one humongous, frustrating fricken follicle filled with anger and disappointment. Got it. I hate catch phrases like “Been there. Done that.” But well, yeah and yeah.

So let me tell you something else about me. I was a professional stand-up comic for about fifteen years and I NEVER had a joke bomb. (Okay, the first part of the statement is true. I could tell you the second half is true but there are probably a thousand witnesses to the contrary.) I’ve also written humor articles for some newspapers and radio. So not only am I qualified to wax poetic about the trauma of that which is infertility,  but I am almost equally as qualified (on paper anyway) to make you laugh. I don’t know if I will but I’d sure like to try. There’s plenty of belief even within the mainstream medical community these days in the power of a peaceful, relaxed mind to straighten out some of the things which go awry in our bodies: The connection between a tranquil, happy mind and the body’s ability to heal itself and do what it’s supposed to: Even get pregnant. If this can help with that, fantastic! I just would love for you personally to feel that every single day you have at least one place to go where someone is going to reach down with thumb and forefinger and (attempt to) physically yank you out of that stinking bubble. Hopefully, our five minutes together will make your daily trials ever so slightly more bearable.

Feel free to check out my “About” page to learn more about Laughing IS Conceivable the blog, the book, the series and more about me.   See ya soon.......Lori